Lower Manhattan Will Be Getting A New Small Park

The current Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza and Trinity Plaza will be combined by closing the short one-way lane between them to create a larger, 20,000-square-foot park. The proposed design for the new Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza features an inviting space with ample greenery including a central grassy mound, tree-shaded seating, and four new crosswalks. The area will be solidly protected from traffic behind a stone wall encasement. Per the Parks Department’s landscape architect, the new, larger plaza could serve as space for a greenmarket or performances.

The park will also offer more open green space for students attending the future K-5th grade school that will be located in the adjacent 77 Greenwich Street condo building currently under construction.

The project is more than halfway through the Parks Department’s procurement phase, at the end of which a construction timeline will be established as work gets underway.

The NYC Parks Department’s project liaison for the new park is Steve Simon who can be reached at:

(212) 408-0110


Steve Simon is also the Parks Department’s project liaison for the Peck Slip Park Reconstruction, which will install a variety of trees, ornamental grass, and stone and wooden benches in what is currently an asphalt wasteland:


The planned Battery Playscape, Peck Slip Park, and Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza are intended to help alleviate demand for play areas especially in the Financial District, where the family population has boomed, increasing by 36% between 2010 and 2015. However, there are only a few playgrounds within the Financial District, mostly geared towards younger children.

But given the pace that City government agencies move at, it will still be some time before children in the neighborhood will have access to any additional play areas or green space.

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