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“Sleep No More” Producer Arthur Karpati Claimed A TriBeCa Alley Belonged To Him And Sued The Department Of Transportation For Trying To Regulate Traffic There

Arthur Karpati, the real estate impresario behind Emursive’s McKittrick Hotel, “Sleep No More”, and other immersive theatre shows in former warehouses in Chelsea, sued the New York City Department of Transportation in 2017.  Karpati woke up one morning that summer to find “No Standing” signs on Franklin Place, an alleyway in TriBeCa that abuts a building he owns at 70 Franklin Street. The alleyway was long used by residents and businesses for parking and deliveries. Karpati claimed that meant he was the owner of at least half the alleyway.

Karpati and the neighbors who joined his lawsuit ultimately prevailed and the street was deemed private, with a perpetual easement for emergency access.

Emursive Producer Arthur Karpati Talks Downtown Traffic Congestion

Emursive principal and real estate impresario Arthur Karpati reached out, of his own accord, to reply to a recent post describing the months-long delay in completing a traffic study of 20 Exchange Place in the Financial District.

Karpati replied in part by saying: “New York has traffic, what does that have to [do] with anything? Welcome to the Big Apple.”

Karpati described the post and neighborhood and Community Board 1 opposition to Emursive’s application as an attempt to “stifle growth of cultural events Downtown, for the entitled people who wish they lived in the suburbs.”

When asked about the specific logistics of 20 Exchange, Karpati said “the area can support thousands of people as it has for decades, it’s a drop in the bucket for NYC!”

Karpati declined to comment when asked whether Emursive had considered alternative locations in the Financial District better equipped to support a large theater and restaurant venue.

Emursive’s 20 Exchange Liquor License Application Hearing Postponed A Second Time, Again For Traffic Study

The Community Board 1 (CB1) hearing for Emursive’s liquor license application at DTH Capital’s 20 Exchange Place, which was postponed last month to allow the applicant time to conduct a traffic survey, has been postponed a second time until April 10th, again to allow for a traffic study.

So who has Emursive hired to conduct the traffic study requested by CB1? According to CB1, they “don’t have any information on the traffic study yet, only that the applicant agreed to do one.” What appeared to be a pneumatic road tube counter wire (without any visible counting machine) was taped across William Street recently but has since been cut and is not collecting any traffic data (pictured below).

For now, 20 Exchange’s owners appear content to allow Warner Brothers to use the former banking hall to film a TV pilot.

A damaged pneumatic road tube wire (without any visible counting machine) that is supposed to measure traffic on William Street

Who’s Actually In Charge Of 20 Exchange?

According to public records, 20 Exchange is owned by an entity called RBNB 20 Owner, LLC. A quick check reveals the true owner – DTH Capital. Nathan Berman’s Metro Loft was previously involved but no longer manages the property. DTH Capital is co-owned by AG Real Estate, a subsidiary of AG Insurance (AGEAS), a publically traded, Belgium-based insurance company, BNP Paribas, and the Eastbridge Group, a European private investment company. DTH Capital’s Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel Louis Culot has been actively involved in securing permits for the space at 20 Exchange.

At first glance, the name RBNB 20 Owner, LLC might not seem to be of any significance. But given that Nathan Berman (NB) has a daughter named Rebecca Berman (RB) who works with him at Metro Loft, the name begins to make more sense. Then again, the Eastbridge Group’s Nathan Bruckner heads its New York office…

Emursive’s Second McKittrick Hotel At 20 Exchange To Come Under Scrutiny Of Community Board And Liquor Authority

Emursive’s plan to create a new McKittrick Hotel at 20 Exchange Place in the Financial District will come under the scrutiny of Community Board 1 (CB1) and a large group of well-heeled neighborhood residents later this month.

As previously reported, Emursive, Punchdrunk NYC, and the McKittrick Hotel’s theatre company are planning to hold a nightly cabaret-type event at 20 Exchange/18 William and are applying for a liquor license.  Per the applicants, expected attendance is 500 people Monday to Thursday and 1,000 people on Friday and Saturday. The capacity of the space is 3,500 people. There is also a plan to open a cafe on the Hanover Street side of the residential building that will run from 6 am to 6 pm daily.

In February, the producers asked for a 30 day delay on their application so that they could conduct a traffic survey lto address one of the main problems with 20 Exchange as an event space – it’s a logistical nightmare.  According to two people involved with the process, there is no potential conclusion from any traffic study of the area other than “don’t do it.”

In addition, even if Emursive does manage to get its liquor license, rumors are already swirling about potential litigation.  At an earlier CB1 meeting to discuss the application, local residents outlined many of the problems a new event space one block from the Cipriani Wall Street would create – traffic congestion on streets already running at or beyond capacity, noise pollution late at night, additional piles of garbage bags left on sidewalks impeding pedestrian traffic and exacerbating an ongoing rodent problem, inaccessibility for fire and ambulance services, and blind-spots posing a risk to pedestrians.

Emursive may very well end up deciding on its own that the costs and liability involved in creating a new venue at 20 Exchange simply aren’t worth it. That’s too bad for Emursive – the producers found an incredible space for immersive theatre at 20 Exchange, but the location’s unsuitable infrastructure appears to make the plan unworkable.

Details Of Emursive’s Planned Downtown Production

Emursive has begun auditioning professional dancers with “very strong contact and partnering skills” who are “comfortable with an immersive setting in close proximity to the audience.”  Some dancers will also be asked to paint or draw during performances. Rehearsals are scheduled to begin in late May/early June.

The primary contact is Stephanie Trigg, the Company Manager for Sleep No More NYC and Talent Envoy for the McKittrick Hotel, whose email is and (as noted in a previous post, Rick Criswell, the General Manager for the McKittrick Hotel and Sleep No More, uses the email and

Word has started to spread recently that Emursive’s liquor license application for 20 Exchange won’t be approved due to concerns the surrounding, densely-built area won’t be able to sustain such a venue. Rumor has it Emursive’s three principals – (pictured below, from left to right) Jonathan Hochwald, Arthur Karpati, and Randy Weiner – have started looking at alternative locations in case their application does fall through.

NYSDOS Corporate Registration Records Confirm Sleep No More’s Emursive Looking At 20 Exchange Place In Financial District

Corporate registration records obtained from the New York State Department Of State confirm that 18 William Partners, LLC and Hanover Hospitality LLC share the same office as Remursive, LLC. 18 William Partners and Remursive even share the same initial DOS filing date, with Hanover Hospitality filing a short while later.

Not surprisingly, previous tenants at this address include SleepNoMore NA LLC and PDNYC LLC (Punchdrunk). The three principals of EMURSIVE are listed as the executive officers of PDNYC at this address on an SEC form, pictured below.

Photos Inside The Proposed New McKittrick Hotel At 20 Exchange Place

Emursive Looking At 20 Exchange Place In The Financial District For Second Manhattan Location

Hanover Hospitality LLC and 18 William Partners, LLC, listed in the above-pictured notice, share an address with a third entity called Remursive, LLC (not the subtlest disguise). The email address to request additional information about the applicant belongs to Rick Criswell, the General Manager for the McKittrick Hotel and Sleep No More.

Emursive Looking To Open A Second Manhattan Location In The Financial District For A McKittrick Hotel-Like Experience

The theatre production company Emursive is looking to open a second McKittrick Hotel at 20 Exchange Place in the Financial District (a residential conversion that was once the home of “hot” Russian intelligence agent Anna Vasilyevna Chapman) following the success of Sleep No More at its Chelsea performance space at 530 West 27th Street. The company is currently conducting a traffic survey of the area as part of its state liquor license application. Traffic congestion on William Street is already a problem due to large events at the Cipriani Wall Street which is just one block away from the proposed venue at the intersection of William Street and Exchange Place. 20 Exchange Place and its surrounds remain a popular filming location for many movies and TV shows. More details to follow…

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